Pet Talent Contest


Does your pet have an amazing talent? Then it’s a good thing that bragging rights are up for grabs because this is your pet’s chance to strut their stuff and show all the other divas how it’s done! Contest winners will be determined by audience applause. To enter (all pets are welcome), bring your terrifically talented pet to the Contest Stage at 1:30PM on Saturday and 1:50PM on Sunday, and make sure they’re ready to awe and inspire us all with their mad skills!

Service Providers

dogpoop is the official poop bag provider for the Seattle Pet Expo! Zoë Burchard Studio Zoë Burchard Studio is the official photographer for the Seattle Pet Expo!
iusa 400x400.30394813 s2g4 STEM Bunnies is the official Bunny Agility Provider.
 State-Farm-New-Logo-2012  StateFarm™ is the official Agility Course Provider.


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